Algebra Tycoon


An engaging educational game on Android, Apple and the web

What will you do with your first BILLION dollars?

Become a world famous investor, build companies and create charities that will change the world.  You will need to invest your time wisely and of course, use Algebra to help grow your business and philanthropic empires.

Learn how Algebra is used across many industries and businesses in this common core aligned mobile game.

Key Benefits for Educators and Students

  • Common Core Aligned and designed for specific High School exit exams.
  • Monitor student progress with a web-based teachers’ portal.
  • Identify specific topics and problems that students are struggling with the most.
  • Utilize in or out of the classroom as a complement to your lesson plan.
  • Create competitions between students and groups of students using the teachers’ portal.
  • Make lots of investments and see your money grow as you build a business and philanthropic empire.
  • Solve Algebra problems to create new products and develop models that will give them an edge against competitors.
  • Learn about the challenges of running a business in various industries and how Algebra is used in business.

“Great game. My kid loves it. Lol, it made me more interested in expanding my own small business. I also had to recall a lot of math that I had forgotten about.”

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